Harmonious Holiday Homes ~ By: Michelle Clare

posted Dec 13, 2013, 7:02 PM by barryjohnson@isriau.org   [ updated Dec 13, 2013, 7:21 PM ]
Holidays are a time of great anticipation and excitement. In many of our minds, we paint pictures of idyllic Norman Rockwell family moments. Smiling, tranquil children who perch upon our laps to enjoy reading stories or playing board games. Wonderful walks together, exploring historical sites, zoos or beaches. The whole family having a lay in and enjoying a few extra moments of sleep and togetherness. And then reality comes swaggering through the door, balancing a giant, overstuffed suitcase on his head with a few over-stimulated children in tow. Or is this just what happens at my house?

To solve this riddle, I turned to my good friend the internet to see what other people were talking about. Sadly, it turns out there is no one, right answer. But, the good news is that lots of people are talking and thinking about this same idea. Listed below, are a few of the ideas that seemed most relevant to our Kindergarten families.

Holiday Safety: Tip #1 and a great reminder for the Kindergarten kiddos. Check the temperature of hot water in your hotel room upon arrival. If it’s a lot hotter than at home, share this information with the kids and maybe even make a ‘cold water only’ rule.

Jet Lag and Routines: Tip #2 and one I recall posting with Rumbai friends about on our last trip to Canada! Resume your normal hours and routines as soon as possible. Get up early(-ish) and get outside in the sunlight to help your body readjust to the new hours. Good luck to those of you making a long journey over Christmas.

Holiday Activities and Outings: With older kids, it can be fun to show them ways to help them preserve memories of your trip. They could fill a holiday scrapbook with tickets, postcards, badges and maps, as well as their own drawings and thoughts – and, if you're abroad, maybe even a list of some of the words they've learnt in the local language. Love this idea. Very portable and will keep them busy looking for things to add.

If you’ve enjoyed these ideas and are searching for more, check out How To Survive Family Holidays at http://www.mumsnet.com/travel/surviving-family-holidays

Merry Christmas to all and safe and happy travels! Michelle