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Commuity Meeting ~ January 16th

posted Jan 11, 2014, 9:03 PM by   [ updated Jan 11, 2014, 9:04 PM ]
We would like to invite you to a Community Meeting on January 16th at 6:30 in the ISR Performing Arts Room. The goal of this meeting is to discuss and approve the management and distribution of monies raised for the Community Service Fund.

Previously fundraising has been facilitated by the teachers and students in order to support local charities and help those in need. This was then incorporated into the Community Thanksgiving Dinner to reduce the number events on the calendar at that time of year. At present Mrs. Thiessen approves all requests. In order to formalize a process we would like a committee to be set up to approve and manage the fund. A large portion of this money has in the past gone to help the Insan Permata Orphanage and the Green Dignity Program. Other money have been used to help local staff on camp with any issues they may have. These requests are not always approved and when approved the money is often given as a loan, depending on the circumstances.

Below we have listed proposed committee members and regulations. During our community meeting we will discuss all three areas listed below, take suggestions and vote on a final decision.

Committee Members:

ISR School Director
PTO President
School Board Member (Chevron Employee Spouse) A member of the community


The approval can be given by email, telephone or in person.
At least 3 people must approve a request in order for it to be funded. The approval of the request must be signed by those who approve it.

All requests will be responded to within three days.

Guidelines for Approval of Funding:

If you would like to be involved on this Committee, please let me know. If there are a number of people interested in taking part, we will do a ballot vote camp wide. This community member on the committee does not have to have a child attending the ISR school.

We would like to encourage all of the community to attend this meeting. There will be a sweet treat and tea and coffee provided.
Many Thanks
Sandy Hunt and Lory Thiessen