November 8, 2013

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ISR Open Board Meeting

I wish to invite everyone to come out to the ISR Open Board Meeting on Wednesday, November 13. We have four items of particular interest on the agenda. First is the report on the state of school renovations and upcoming projects. Secondly, we will report on the schoolwide significance of this year’s MAP testing results. Thirdly, we will share the state of Recruiting for 2014-2015. Finally, we will look at the Climate Survey results. The open meeting is an opportunity for us to address your questions and concerns.

Dr. Robert Ambrogi Visit

On Friday, November 15, following morning assembly, parents are invited to chat with Dr. Ambrogi. Dr. Ambrogi supervises our school as ISR is managed by International School Services. ISS helps us in a variety of ways, including recruiting, purchasing school supplies, curriculum development, and professional development. Rob is an invaluable resource for the administrators in our on-going efforts to optimize student learning at ISR. (Rumor has it that this Parent Tea will include Starbuck’s Coffee.)

Middle School Exchange

November 13, 14, and 15 the Middle School students from Duri will join us for three days of personal growth activities. We are looking to build on the GREATS, our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results. Mrs. Dragonetti shares: “We are so excited to host the Duri students next week for our annual Middle School Exchange. This year the students will be competing in the Rumbai Amazing Race, which will require the students to work together to accomplish some fun ESLR related tasks, while building friendships in preparation for the May Culture Trip.”

Girl Scouts Exemplify the ESLRs

I applaud the Girl Scout leadership in their Kulim Learning Garden project, with special Kudos to Ailsa Liu, who identified this service opportunity. The work the girls are doing for the Kulim community is the best kind of hands-on service learning that our students can have. See the “Girl Scouts are Global Stewards” photos in this edition.