November 29, 2013

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Thanksgiving Dinner and Fundraisers

Our Rumbai Thanksgiving Dinner was a very successful event last night, with two fundraisers happening simultaneously: The ISR Community Service Fundraiser, and the Movember Fundraiser.

Firstly, congratulations to Anna Tuitjer and Karen Meaux for a great job of organizing the Thanksgiving Dinner. The food was delicious with all of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Anna and Karen did a lot of work to organize the event and to set up a beautiful venue.

Secondly, congratulations to Dylan Morgan for spearheading Rumbai’s first Movember Fundraiser and Awareness program. Movember was launched internationally in 2004, but it took Dylan Morgan to bring it on in Rumbai with his Mofia of Mo Bros. A special edition of the Thanksgiving Dinner will feature the results of last nights auction.

Our ISR Rumbai Community Service Fundraiser was also a great success thanks to so many of you who generously donated auction items that were enthusiastically gobbled up by the diners. I would like to give special recognition to the committee members who worked with me: Diana Dragonetti and Ken and Jessica Davis. Also thanks to Shane van Staden and the school custodians and drivers who helped with the moving and the set up at the RCC. Finally, thanks to all of you who bought the items to generate the community service funds.

Invoices will be sent out to all who purchased the ISR Fundraiser items, and we will publish the total amount raised. 

Christmas Play and Party

Our students are very busy with play practices in preparation for this years Christmas play Charlie Brown’s Christmas, to be performed on December 6, 2013. Once again Mrs. Hill and Mr. Dragonetti are working their magic in adapting this Christmas classic for the Rumbai stage and for our cast of thousands! Of course Preschool and Kindergarten will be leading off the Christmas Program with their own special performance.

The play will start at 6.30pm, so the kids will need to be at school at 6pm. The play will last for approximately one hour.
The party will follow directly after the play and will finish by 8.30pm.

Keeping “Peace of Mind” During Your Holiday Celebrations

The end of the year for many expatriates is filled with preparations for travel, reunions, and celebration of holidays - wherever that might take you. For families with children, you may be juggling management of their expectations as well as the pressure of maintaining the continuity of your family traditions. For those traveling across continents you may need to face travel stress or risk triggering your own emotional exhaustion from re-entering family issues and dynamics.

An informal group discussion will be facilitated by Doreen Biehle, EA-WLS Consultant, Discover Synergy, on the topic of Keeping “Peace of Mind” During Your Holiday Celebrations. Come join, listen, and share with others on this topic. Practical tips and strategies will be shared.

Date: Tuesday, December 3rd Time: 2:00 – 3:15
Venue: ISR Faculty Lounge