November 22, 2013

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday and Tuesday next week parents will meet with their child’s teachers to discuss progress toward learning goals. Our students are learning and growing in academic, physical, social and emotional domains. Our assessments of your child’s growth are shared through the report card, and through day to day teacher observation.

The parent-teacher partnership in supporting your child’s learning was formally initiated with Back to School Night in September. The conferences next week represent the second formal process of that continuing partnership. We look forward to meeting with you and working together to support your children.

Thank You Sponsors

Block 2 of the After School Activities program has come to a close this week, and we want to thank all of you who generously donated your time and talents to give our students such a rich variety of activities.

Girls Scouts - Diana Dragonetti, Tiffany Johnson, Sandy Hunt, Laura Neal, Yati Abd Rahman, Ailsa Liu

Boys Adventure Club - Chip and Melanie Hill

Dance - Shane van Staden

Basketball - Joe Murphy
Big Beads & Blocks - 
Lory Thiessen, Suzie Nileshwar

Beading -  Tiffany Johnson

Open Gym - Sandy Hunt

Cheerleading - Tracy Bourquin

Academic Club - Aroma Pannu

Jazz & Ballet - Cari Armpriester

Cooking Classes - Jo Chan

Next week we begin the rehearsals for the Christmas school play. Block 3 After School Activities will resume in January.