Movember 15, 2013

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Welcome to the

A warm welcome to Martin Hanschitz, Kirsten Fenner and their son Max Fenner, who have come to us from Duri. Max joined the 3 / 4 Zone this week. He had the whole Duri Middle School in attendance at his gonging in ceremony. This was a very carefully planned and orchestrated transition process :). Only in Rumbai!

Open Board Meeting

I would like to thank the parents who braved the monsoon storm to attend the meeting on Wednesday evening. We appreciate parent input and the open board meeting is one format to voice concerns to bring about change. It was from one such concern that our new Spanish program became a reality at ISR. I encourage you to stop by my office whenever you have a concern, not only about your child’s progress, but also schoolwide issues.

World Record Cup Stacking Event

World renowned cup stacker Shane van Staden organized our parents and students to go for a new record on Friday evening. Photos of the event will be in next week’s Pipeline edition.

Indonesia Week

Next week is Indonesia Week at ISR Rumbai. Every morning assembly there will be a special activity to celebrate the event. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to come to every assembly. See Ibu Ida’s article for a preview of the morning events.


Team Rumbai Mofia Captain Dylan Morgan is announcing a Movember Fundraiser. The goal is to provide a comprehensive health screening for drivers and gardeners of the expats of our Rumbai community. The goal is to raise US$ 1,500.00.

Rumbai Mofia Team Member Shane van Staden has organized a program so the students of ISR can participate in this fundraiser. Starting on Monday, students can bring in all denominations of Rupiah coins to be collected by Shane.

Community members who would like to make a donation to the fund, please contact Dylan Morgan <