May 24, 2013

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The ISR Rumbai renovations are underway! The main office, Principal’s Office and Library are the first areas to be stripped and rebuilt. Other areas to follow include the Faculty Lounge, Teacher Work Room, and Mrs. Davis’ Math Room. All of the supplies, including Library books and multimedia, have been moved to a location off campus until the renovations are completed this summer. In the meantime, should you need the assistance of Ibu Ika, Ibu Joyce, Ibu Beth, Ibu Fitri or myself, look for us in the Computer Lab. The students’ classes have been relocated from the areas designated for construction and Kindergarten and the 1 / 2 Zone report no noise pollution in their classrooms.

The newly renovated wing will provide a reconfiguration of classrooms, and improvements to the Library and office area. The teachers and national staff that have been affected by disruptions to their daily routines have been wonderfully flexible and supportive. You will see many changes when we return to school in August. 

Fire Safety

A huge thank you to Chief Lindsay Lavery for organizing and delivering an excellent fire safety program for the students last Friday. Chief Lavery’s focus was on fire prevention in the home. The younger students had the thrill of seeing real firemen in action, and even “had a go” with the firemen’s hose! The older students had an opportunity to see Mr. Lavery demonstrate extinguishing a grease fire with common kitchen powders. In his words, “Or you can use me pepper pot!” You will see from the photos that the smell generated by this process made quite an olfactory impression!


Congratulations to Shane van Staden for organizing Rumbai’s first Triathlon event. Participants swam 300 meters, cycled 20 km, and ran 5 km. We had a great turnout of students, parents, teachers and other adults. 

This Week's Schedule:


May 27


Talent Show Run-Thru


Performing Arts




May 28


Gonging Out the Crittenden Family 

Step-Up Day


Performing Arts 

All School 





May 30 


Rumbai’s Got Talent 


Performing Arts




May 31 


Report Cards Go Home 

ISR Duri Graduation 

Friday Night Frisbee 


Duri Theater

Soccer Field