May 17, 2013

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PTO Board

I want to begin by thanking the PTO Board for giving us an excellent year of social activities for the students. Thank you to:

Sam Lavery – President
Kathy Ogden – Treasurer
Julie Hinkley – Secretary
Jessica Davis – Teacher Representative
Shane van Staden – Activities Coordinator
Barry Johnson – Teacher Representative

All of you have been a delight to work with, and have shown great initiative and thoroughness in your planning and execution. I am grateful.

After School Activities

I also want to thank all of the sponsors of the Fourth Quarter after school activities. Special thanks to:

Wendy van Staden – Arts and Crafts
Joanie Sullivan – Scrapbooking
Shane van Staden – Martial Arts
Kathy Van Wagoner – Scrapbooking and Yoga
Lindsay and Sam Lavery – Rounders
Aroma Pannu – Board Games and Dance
Tracy Morgan – Dance

Girl Scout Sponsors Jo Chan – Daisies

Ailsa Liu and Wendy Rogers – Brownies Tiffany Johnson – Juniors and Cadets

Our students are so fortunate that you so generously offer your time, talent and commitment. Thank you. 

This Week's Schedule:


May 20     


Adult Yoga 

Adult Yoga 



Gardenia Gym 





May 21 


Adult Yoga
Adults Guitar Class 



Performing Arts 


5:30-6:15 7:00-8:00 


May 22 


Adult Yoga 

Adult Yoga 


Gym Gardenia 






May 24 


Friday Night Frisbee 


Soccer Field