May 10, 2013

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Mother’s Day Sock Hop

Congratulations to Melanie Hill, Tiffany Johnson and Michelle Clare for organizing the superb Sock Hop event! The students did a fantastic job teaching the moms a variety of dance steps from the 50’s! And the moms were pretty awesome on the dance floor as well. The party was crashed by the “Pink Ladies”, a rumble group that stepped off the set of Grease the musical. The mini-hamburgers and milkshakes topped off the 50’s Diner experience.

We are so fortunate to have such an active community of parents, moms and dads alike, who contribute so much to the social lives of our students. The Sock Hop was our way of thanking the moms for all they do for the school throughout the year.

Check out the Pipeline Special Mother’s Day Sock Hop Edition to see for yourself how much fun was had!

Basketball Clinic

Congratulations to Dylan Morgan and his team of dads who sponsored a very successful basketball clinic last Friday. The photos in this edition will show that the students practiced their basic skills and enjoyed some fun-competition in taking on Team Dad to complete the evening. Thanks also to Wendy van Staden for organizing the snacks for the kids.

Open School Board Meeting

Thank you to all the parents who came out for the open board meeting. Special thanks to Mr. Mike Birchfield, Mr. Tom Van Wagoner, and Mrs. Joanie Sullivan for their commitment and support as board members this school year. We will greatly miss Tom as an outstanding board member, but we are pleased to announce that Mr. Scott Neal will be the new representative on the School Board.

Director Search Update

The search for a new director began in February with the advertising of the position worldwide. By mid April, ISS had received more than 30 applications. Using a set of criteria defined by the ‘Director Search Committee’, ISS short-listed this group to ten candidates. Dr. Ambrogi and I then did reference checks and initial interviews with these ten and reduced the list to six candidates. On May 2nd and 3rd, the Director Search Committee interviewed these individuals. 

When we completed the interviews, we left Dr. Ambrogi and Mr. Al Williams with the task of using the information gleaned by the search committee to make a selection of the person they felt would make the best director for ISR.

Dr. Ambrogi and Mr. Al Williams met on both Saturday and Sunday to analyze the data from the search committee. At the end of their work, they agreed on one candidate who stood out as their first selection, Gena Engelfried.

Gena Engelfried and her husband Bruce have been invited for a site visit during the week of May 14-17th. They will be in Duri on the 14th and 15th and in Rumbai on the 16th -17th. Following a successful site visit, Mrs. Engelfried will be offered a contract as the Director of ISR to begin in August 2014.

Mr. Crawford and I have put together a schedule of activities for Gena and her spouse during their visit to Sumatra. We hope that you will take the opportunity to meet Gena and Bruce.  Below, please find a copy of the scheduled activities:

 Community Time & School Tour Thursday, May 16 8:00-10:00
 Parent Tea /Nenas 106  Thursday, May 16 10:00-12:00
 National Staff Introduction  Thursday, May 16  1:00-2:00
 Faculty Discussion and Social   Thursday, May 16  3:30-7:00
 Camp Tour  Friday, May 17  8:00-9:00
 Visit to Pekanbaru  Friday, May 17   9:30-1:30
 Medical Facilities Tour  Friday, May 17  2:00-3:00
 Meeting with Lory Thiessen  Friday, May 17  3:00-5:00
 Friday Night Frisbee  Friday, May 17  5:00-7:00

The Search Committee is comprised of the following representatives: 

Mr. Al Williams – Duri School Board member
Mr. Tom Van Wagoner – Rumbai School Board Member
Mrs. Sam Lavery – Rumbai PTO President
Mr. Jake Clare – Rumbai Teacher
Mr. Josh Smith – Duri Teacher
Mrs. Lory Thiessen – Director, ISR
*Mr. Alasdair Maclean – Incoming Duri Principal
*Dr. Robert Ambrogi – Vice President of International Schools Services, (* Participated in the interviews electronically)