March 7, 2014

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WASC Visit
We were very happy to have Marilyn George and Mark Jenkins visit both Rumbai and Duri campuses this week to assess our progress in terms of growth towards our accreditation action plans goals. Marilyn is a full time employee of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. She is also an authority on the accreditation process in international schools. Mark is a veteran international educator who worked at the Jakarta International School for several years, and is currently a Director in Tembagapura, West Papua.

Mark and Marilyn met with the Rumbai and Duri faculties on Wednesday afternoon to share their assessment. They were highly complimentary of the ISR faculty, and the work that has been achieved on the school’s action plans.

Parent Teacher Conferences
We have issued the Second Trimester Report Cards and scheduled the parent teacher conferences for Monday and Tuesday next week. The teachers are looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s progress.

This is the second and final formal conference of the school year. The goal of the conference is for parents and teachers to identify and prioritize critical goals for your child in the final trimester. At ISR we value our partnership with parents in providing quality education for your child.

Welcome and Farewell
We are pleased to welcome the Caron family to the Rumbai community. Michael has already moved in to start work. Kelly Caron has returned to Jakarta where her children Katie and Joseph will complete their school year.

Richard Light was given a heart warming farewell tribute at the Mardi Gras Ball. Richard has already moved to Houston to his new position. Jo and the girls remain with us till the end of the school year. Nearer the end of the year we will have a formal Pipeline Farewell for the Light family.

WWF Fundraiser

The 1 / 2 Zone sponsored an impromptu fundraiser for the World Wildlife Federation. The fundraiser was a thank you to the WWF representatives that visited their classroom. Tiffany Johnson organised the auction of a child-sized table and stools, painted with a tiger motif. (See the photo in “Community Time”)

The class raised 4.1 million rupiah. Wendy van Staden and Jessica Davis went back and forth on the bidding for the Save the Tiger table and stools. Wendy finally got the bid at 2.5 million. Eamon, Shaelyn and Kirin Murphy, with Sophie Johnson held a weekend cookie sale to contribute 200,000 rupiah. The entrepreneurial first and second grade students raised the remainder by selling cookies, bracelets, and magnets at Community Time.

The Haze

The Crisis Response Team is analysing our options for current haze crisis. Both Duri and Rumbai are experiencing levels of pollution that are extreme. The lack of rainfall has resulted in approximately 500 hot spots in Riau - fires burning out of control.

This crisis is stressful for everyone and the community has responded admirably. We can only take things one day at a time and make the best of the situation. I am particularly proud of the students who have faithfully worn their face masks whenever they leave air filtered classroom areas to walk through the hallways or to leave the school. They also have demonstrated an exemplary attitude in their play practice schedule.

Spring Break
In one week we will be off on vacation. This will be a very important break for children and adults. It is an opportunity to enjoy clean air, relaxation and fun. Mr. Murphy’s Counselor Corner has some important tips for managing anxiety and stress in these difficult times. Look carefully at strategies that you can seamlessly incorporate into your daily routine, not only here in Rumbai, but also on vacation.

Spring Concert
We are all excited to see our students demonstrate their talents and skills as expressive communicators next week Thursday. Mr. Dragonetti, Mrs. Hill, and all of the students have been working hard in preparation of the performance. This year first through eighth grade will be performing the children’s classic “The Wizard of Oz”. The audience will be treated with a warm-up show by the Kinder / Preschool Munchkins! See you there.