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Gratitude…Here it is, American Thanksgiving again and it is so easy for me to list the many things I am grateful for.  These include four healthy daughters, (one of whom gave us quite a scare this year).  I am also very grateful for this gracious community and for the hard work that has been done by so many others in the past to make our school work so well now.  At ISR we have an excellent faculty and staff members who inspire children to learn every day and who also share the burden of leadership and take responsibility for the world outside their classrooms.  Prior administrations have implemented excellent programs and ongoing assessments to insure that children are making progress (or to alert us if progress slows).  Safety at school is insured with our diligent health and safety team, which includes a real doctor, a fitness guru and the resources of a multinational company.  Our highly educated and dedicated parent community is committed to partnering with the school.  We have 100% participation in conferences, and almost every other school event – a number that is unheard of at most schools in the U.S.  Our governing board is provides smart, supportive leadership and includes the voices of all stakeholders. Yes, there is a lot for me to be thankful for at ISR.

The Thanksgiving holiday gives us an opportunity to introduce the habit of gratitude and reflection in our children’s lives. Studies have shown that gratitude and reflection are key elements to mental health and happiness. A daily dose of counting one’s blessings is a great habit to start early with children. We have so much to be thankful for!