February 28, 2014

posted Feb 28, 2014, 2:37 AM by barryjohnson@isriau.org
Mardi Gras

Congratulations to King Dylan Morgan, Queen Deb Le, Princess Tracy Morgan and Court Jester Coy Le! This year’s Mardi Gras Parade was the most successful ever in terms of drawing a large enthusiastic crowd of spectators. We all look forward to the Mardi Gras Ball on Saturday.

Thank you, Activity Sponsors

The third quarter of activities has drawn to a close, and we want to thank all of those offered their expertise, talent, and time to create a rich variety of activities for our students.

Computer Programming - Barry Johnson
Dance - Shane van Staden
Girl Scouts - Diana Dragonetti, Tiffany Johnson, Sandy Hunt, Laura Neal, Yati Harun, Ailsa Liu
Boys Adventure Club - Melanie and Chip Hill
Touch Rugby - Jake Clare, Suzie Nileshwar, Terry Loadsman
Scrapbooking - Joanie Sullivan
Indonesian Cooking - Ibu Ida, Ibu Yovi, Ibu Renai
Cheerleading - Tracy Morgan
Open Gym - Wendy and Shane van Staden
Sewing Classes - Deb Le, Rini Loadsman, Cheryl Nickeson
Academic Club - Shane van Staden
Cricket Club - Suzie Nileshwar
Swim Team - Shane van Staden
Cooking Classes - Jo Chan

WASC Visiting Team and Grand Opening of the Library

Monday, March 3 is a big day for ISR parents. At 10 am you are all invited to meet the team of educators who are assessing ISR for the school’s accreditation. The team wants to hear from every constituency in the school. We are combining the meeting with the official opening of the new Library. Mrs. Dragonetti and Pak Bobby have been working hard get all the new Library furniture and all the learning resources in place.

Indoor Physical Education Program
Due to the severity of the haze, we have taken steps to ensure that the children will have sufficient exercise in their school days. The 3 / 4 classroom has been converted into a PE / Recess / Activity room. The 3 / 4 classroom moves to Mrs. Davis’ Math Room, while Mrs. Davis will hold her classes in the new kitchen area.

Building Project
We are delighted with the progress on the building project. The project managers met last week with the construc9on team to tour the site. The project includes four new classrooms and will allow for expansion in student enrolment. Below are photos of the construc9on site and the architects drawings.