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What do those teachers do when they go to Duri? Why do they call this long weekend "Curriculum Days?"
(Yes, we DID load the golf clubs on the bus, but golfing was only a small slice of this trip's pie.)  So, what went on in Duri during the rest of our time there??

In addition to nuts and bolts planning, we invested hours making final plans for switching to STANDARDS BASED reporting. This is a huge mindshift (not to mention software and formatting issues as we revamp our existing system.) Our school has been using new COMMON CORE standards for Math and Language Arts for several terms now, but our assessments and reporting model were based on the old system. We are nearly ready to move toward assessing each student's progress using the standards as the lens of achievement. In addition to these objective standards, the schoolwide learning results, which reflect our values and mission, will also be assessed and reported upon. Each parent (and student) will be able to chart their individual progress as they work toward their own unique goals under the guidance of teachers who know their individual talents, skills needs and strengths.

In addition to this work, the teachers took on the huge task of reviewing each academic discipline and assessing the effectiveness of the standards, resources and instructional materials that we use to help children explore and discover the relevant knowledge and skills. Colleagues from both campuses worked together to discuss outcomes of our current methods. Reviewing the data collected in October, teacher committees went on to make suggestions and proposals that will be reviewed and, for the most part, implemented with the approval of our next budget and goal planning document. This process helps us keep current with the most recent research in education. Each curricular group researched and wrote a proposal and then presented their findings. This information will help us to decide curricular priorities and areas of focus for the coming year. 

And oh yes, I heard there was some golf on Thursday evening as well ....

Stay tuned for the new curricular updates and know that the teachers and I  are working very hard to insure that the children of ISR have access to the quality education that will help them reach their full potentials.