August 30, 2013

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MAP Testing Schedule

Next week Tuesday thru Friday, September 3rd - 6th, Kindergarten through eighth grade will take their MAP tests. Following is the schedule for the testing:

Kindergarten Location: Kindergarten Classroom

 Time  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 11:00-11:30  Math Part 1  Math Part 2  Math Part 2  Reading Part 1 

Grades 1 - 4

 Time  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 8:30-9:45  Math  Reading  Language Usage  Make-Up Tests

Middle School Location: Home Rooms

 Time  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 8:00-9:45  Math  Reading  Language Usage  Make-Up Tests

For students to do their best work for these assessments, they must come to school well rested and we recommend a healthy breakfast. No other preparation is required.

Guest Speaker in Middle School

We wish to thank Fire Chief Lindsay Lavery for his presentation to our Middle School students on Haze Pollution. The overarching essential question of the Middle School Humanities curriculum this year is, "How can economic development lead to economic exploitation?" Using current events to study this question, Mrs. Dragonetti and Mr. Murphy invited Chief Lavery to explore with the students the problem of the haze created by practices in the palm oil and forestry industries.

Chief Lavery held the students attention with his expertise on the cause and extent of the fires, the effect of factors such as wind patterns, how the fire department works to put out the fires, and the strategies of the government of Indonesia, as well as local governments, in dealing with this problem. We greatly appreciate Chief Lavery’s invaluable contribution to student learning in Middle School. 

Moving into New Spaces

This week we continued to move into our newly renovated spaces. I am appreciating being settled into the Principal’s Office. Mr. Johnson and Pak Edi have moved into their new Technology Office. As a result of student use of laptops and i-Pads, technology classes will now be conducted in the grade level classrooms. The former computer lab classroom is now occupied by Mrs. Davis for her Math classes.

The two new classrooms are now occupied. El Maestro, Señor Antonio, is in his brand new Spanish classroom, and Ibu Ida has a new Indonesian Culture classroom. Her former classroom will be used for Second Grade Math and as a Counseling space. Mr. van Staden has been holding his Second Grade Math classes in the Library this week. The photos below reflect the progress of our renovations.