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The following is the official ISR statement regarding assessment. I welcome all feedback regarding assessment at our school and would like to foster a lively dialogue about how we help each child reach their full potential at our school. Our standards-based assessment team is still working to decide on a format for a new report card and needs our patience while they pilot a second option.  I am looking forward to hosting an evening meeting to discuss assessment next month.


What is assessment?


Assessment is the collection of information about the learning and teaching process using a variety of strategies and tools.


We use assessment to…


·      improve student learning outcomes by providing meaningful and timely feedback

·      provide students with information to reflect on their own learning

·      give students opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills

·      ensure students understand what has been taught

·      assist teachers in adjusting teaching and planning according to student needs

·      provide data to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our programs

·      assist in communicating accurate and accountable evidence about student learning to parents, community and board members


Philosophy of Assessment at ISR


At ISR we believe that students have a right to

·      worthwhile (engaging, educative and authentic) intellectual tasks that are validated against real world problems, roles and situations

·      clear, published and consistently applied teacher criteria in grading work and published models of excellent work that exemplifies standards

·      ample opportunities to produce work that they can be proud of and thus ample opportunity in the curriculum and instruction to monitor, self assess and self correct their work

·      genuine feedback: usable information on their strengths and weaknesses and an accurate assessment of their long-term progress towards a set of exit level standards

·      the freedom, climate and oversight policies necessary to question grades and test practices without fear of retribution