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Principal's Newsletter

Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the parents for an outstanding show of flexibility and understanding as we launched the 2015-16 school year! 

The 1989 film "Parenthood" (the original movie that launched the TV series) begins with a rocky roller coaster ride where everyone holds on tight and goes gliding up and down the steep hills and around banked corners. Some riders are terrified, some are gleeful and some just seem to blissfully enjoy the next turn. Parenthood is like that, and we all have a choice about how we respond to the thrills, chills and excitement. This year's back to school adventure has seemed a bit like a roller coaster ride too.  We have had a lot of unforeseen adventure in the past couple of weeks and I am so delighted to be on this ride with a group of supportive and riders who don't seem to flinch at the next turn. 

Here are some updates:     

Lunchtime communication - Thanks to an amazingly advanced tech effort, we have ironed out the glitches. You can change your plans for your child's lunch attendance until 11:00 and we will still have the information. Just let us know who is going home and we will have them off the front gate in a jiffy.

Lunchtime pick up and drop off - Please note that we are fine tuning this process and will be redirecting traffic next week, making use of the circular drive across the street. Please stay posted for illustrated directions.

After School Activities - These are in the works. Stay tuned for next week's sign up sheet and get it back to us as soon as possible (first come, first served). First day of ASA - Sept. 31.

New Parent Orientation - Next week, Thursday the 27th at 6pm. This is designed to help new parents orient themselves about our school. Mr. Davis will be discussing transitions and your child's reaction. Please encourage your new friends to attend.

PTO - I have met with our new PTO president, Kelly Caron, and I am delighted to say this is going to be a great PTO year. We will be publishing dates soon for our first open PTO board meeting. 

Immunizations - If you have not submitted your child's immunization records to the school ( these were due with your enrollment) please try to hunt them up now. We will be requesting them in September for all formerly enrolled students and have already gotten them from many of the newer families.

Thanks again for your help and support. I am so glad we are on this ride together. 

Aug 21, 2015, 5:31 AM