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Global Steward

  • demonstrates local and global awareness, 
  • possesses a character of high standards, 
  • creates and maintains positive relationships, 
  • exhibits service orientation.

Academic Achiever 

  • consistently organized and prepared, 
  • uses self-reflection and responds to feedback, 
  • demonstrates growth towards
    meeting/exceeding curriculum standards, 
  • demonstrates flexibility and the use of multiple strategies.
Responsible Individual
  • shows personal responsibility by being
    independent and 
  • holding him/herself accountable for his/her own actions, 
  • shows social responsibility by respecting and helping others, working collaboratively with others and holding themselves accountable to others in group settings, 
  • takes care of his/her surroundings by being environmentally conscious and globally and culturally responsible.

Thinker and Problem Solver

  • applies skills/knowledge from one context to another and makes connections,
  • chooses and applies strategies based on the situation or task, 
  • demonstrates the ability to question.
Expressive Communicator 
  • receives feedback, evaluates it and makes appropriate adjustments, 
  • chooses the modality of a presentation based on their message and their audience, 
  • organizes and delivers their knowledge and understanding in a coherent, creative presentation, 
  • communicates their emotions and/or needs and offers solutions in an appropriate manner.

Self-Directed Learner

  • demonstrates curiosity through questioning and inquiry,
  • demonstrates resourcefulness by making 
    appropriate choices to develop his/her skills, interests and talents when provided with several options, 
  • takes action in setting, achieving and assessing goals.