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School Board Charter and Mission

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International Schools Riau

School Board Charter

School Vision

To provide an education consistent with the top quartile public schools within the US

School Mission

Our mission is to provide excellence in education to the Chevron families of Sumatra

Key Objectives:

  • Ensure there is a suitable curriculum quality assurance program in place
  • Manage ISR in accordance with its purpose & provisions of articles of association
  • Establish process to hear recommendations/comments regarding school policy
  • Develop annual financial budgets
  • Formulate School Policy

Key Deliverables:

  §  Annual approved budget

  §  ISR Strategic Plan (Yearly Goals)

Key Stakeholders:

  • Parents of ISR Students
  • CPI Management
  • Government of Indonesia
  • Teachers of ISR
  • Employees of ISR

Executive Board Members:

Chairman*            Mr. Mike Birchfield

Vice Chairman*     Ibu Nina

Treasurer*            Ibu Mey

Member               Mr. Jeff Crawford

Member               Mrs. Lory Thiessen

Member               Mr. Albert Williams

Member               Mrs. Katrise Eager

Member               Mrs. Joanie Sullivan

Member               Mr. Tom Van Wagoner 

*Position held by CPI Management

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Approve the hiring of new teachers – hiring performed by Director on authority of Board
  • Appoint and dismiss school principals
  • Approve School Calendar
  • Take formal action on suspension or termination of staff members
  • Approve large capital expenditures        (construction or purchase of equipment)
  • Receive and approve annual external audit of school accounts
  • Approve “large” and far reaching changes in the School Curriculum


  • Conduct at least 2 Executive Board        meetings annually
  • Conduct at least 2 Open Board meetings annually
  • Each member has 1 vote for Board        decisions.  Chairman has casting vote in event of a tie.
  • Individual Board members do not have the authority to act for the Board

 The Board Does Not:

  • Become involved with daily running of the School
  • Answer questions regarding student-parent-teacher relationships – these should be directed to the principal

International Schools Riau

Mission Statement

International Schools Riau is a diverse community formed by a partnership of students, educators and community members. We empower every student with knowledge, skills and values to adapt and succeed academically, socially and emotionally. ISR inspires, prepares and challenges our students to live meaningful lives and to make a positive difference as leaders and global citizens.

Core Values

The ISR community values integrity, an individual’s ability to live according to their principles.

The ISR community values excellence in all aspects of learning as we support and encourage individuals to persist in achieving their full potential.

The ISR community values respect and responsibility for oneself, others, and the environment; developing individuals who are appreciative, empathetic and collaborative.

The ISR community values diversity, embraces uniqueness and encourages international mindedness.

The ISR community values life long learning, supporting individuals in their quest to become self-directed learners, critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.

The ISR community values a balanced individual who is prepared academically, socially and emotionally; who is confident and embraces learning with optimism and joy.