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Core Values

INTEGRITY: The ISR community values integrity, an individual’s ability to live according to their principles.

EXCELLENCE: The ISR community values excellence in all aspects of learning as we support and encourage individuals to persist in achieving their full potential.

RESPECT & RESPONSIBILITY: The ISR community values respect and responsibility for oneself, others, and the environment; developing individuals who are appreciative, empathetic and collaborative.

Respect & Responsibility

DIVERSITY: The ISR community values diversity, embraces uniqueness and encourages international mindedness.

LIFE LONG LEARNER: The ISR community values life long learning, supporting individuals in their quest to become self-directed learners, critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.

BALANCED INDIVIDUAL: The ISR community values a balanced individual who is prepared academically, socially and emotionally; who is confident and embraces learning with optimism and joy.