Welcome New Teachers - Flickner Family

posted Jan 24, 2014, 8:21 PM by barryjohnson@isriau.org

We are the Flickner family and couldn’t be more thrilled to join all of you at International Schools Riau. My name is Kate, and I will be teaching kindergarten next year. My husband, Doug, will teach the three-four class and sixth grade math. Our daughters Maggie and Olivia are currently in third and first grade respectfully; Maggie cannot believe she will have her father next year as her teacher. Olivia will have the same pleasure the following year. Our excitement helps ease the stress of teaching, packing, after school activities and the grey wet, weather that is typical for this time of year in Washington State.

Our oldest daughter, Maggie loves to ride her bike and play sports. She currently plays basketball with the Green Blazers, but also loves soccer and swimming. She enjoys reading fiction and nonfiction books and making all manner of things from duct tape - from wedding dresses for her dolls, to camouflage bracelets, which she sells for college money at her grandfather’s grocery store. Maggie is most excited by the opportunity to meet new friends and see monkeys in her yard.

Olivia, our youngest daughter, is vivacious and knows no fear. She just recently discovered the diving board at the local high school and hesitated for only a second considering the jump, mostly because she wasn’t sure she could swim to the side. The jump itself was irrelevant! Her favorite foods are pasta and pancakes. She also loves gymnastics, soccer and jumping with her friends on her trampoline. Olivia is very excited about this adventure. She says she is most excited to ride an elephant!

Accompanying us on our adventure will be my mom, Joey. Since my dad passed away nine years ago, she has blessed our lives with her presence. Our girls adore her for her cooking and always patient demeanor only a grandparent can exhibit. She loves reading and sitting in chairs with fine views of the outdoors. She spends most evenings with a chilled glass of wine and a reflective conversation counting her blessings with my husband, Doug. Although he and the kids refer to her as Nemesis, their private term of endearment, he loves her dearly. Joey is surprisingly outgoing and signed up to be a chaperone for the local high school trip to Italy five years ago because she wanted to see St. Francis’s tomb. She is most excited to have time to paint and see a new part of the world.

Doug and I have been married for almost 14 years and live for each other and to raise our children. We are a lucky and loving family. This adventure is truly a gift from God and an opportunity for our family to grow closer together still. We are huge Seattle Seahawks fans and were rewarded just yesterday for our faith and support with a win. Go Hawks! Doug’s hobbies include any work around the house that requires the purchase of tools (preferably the type that plug in or have batteries), improving his little tool shed, and playing poker with his local “Men’s Fellowship” group. I love to bake and run. These two hobbies greatly complement each other: when the weather is terrible, like it often is around here, I stay in and attempt to bake my latest concoction. My kids, husband, and mom are very encouraging of this hobby! In nice weather, my friends and I get out and hit the local roads. Doug and I are very excited to give this adventure to our kids and provide them a unique opportunity to see the world. We are both excited to teach something new and work with a new staff. We also look forward to joining a new community and eagerly await meeting you all in the near future!

The Flickners