Library News... What Library?!

posted Aug 19, 2013, 8:47 AM by
Welcome back! 

We are so excited to get the library up and running with all the new shelving and awesome furniture. As we await the transition to our improved space, you may be wondering what the students do during their library time. 

Well, the program continues to run just as it always has minus checking out books. For Kindergarten through Grade 4 this means the students meet with me to share a story and work on activities and skills that build literacy through the shared enjoyment of books. The Middle School students will continue to have library skills embedded directly into the lessons and projects of their core classes, as I work closely with the homeroom teachers. 

The elementary classrooms have fully stocked classroom libraries from which the students may choose independent reading books. The Middle School students have been encouraged to choose a book from the classroom library, borrow from a friend, or check-out a Kindle to ensure they have a variety of texts to choose from.