Back to School Night 2014

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Back to School Night at ISR
When: Thursday, September 4th - 6:00 p.m.
Where: ISR Performing Arts Room

Back to School Night is designed as an evening for parents to learn more about your child’s life at school. This is your opportunity to learn about your child’s learning environment, curriculum, and assessment. In addition, it is a chance for teachers and parents to share their academic and behavioral goals and expectations. 

If you do not have child support available to you, we will have a teacher assistant at school to provide childcare.

Coffee, Tea and Treats will be available in the Performing Arts room

Back to School Night Schedule

6:00-6:15 Welcome - Performing Arts Room

6:15-6:45 First Session

Preschool Ms. Aleksa Moss

Middle School Presentation with the Core Teachers (Mr. Clare, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Clare, Mr. Flickner, Mrs. Davis) in the Science room

6:45-7:15 Second Session

Grade three/four Mr. Flickner/ Mrs. Davis, Mr. Johnson

Grade One/Two Mrs. Johnson / Mrs. Davis

7:15-7:45 Third Session

Kindergarten Mrs. Flickner

Specialist will be set up in the Performing Arts room

Ms. Arthur - Art & Drama

Mrs. Hill - Music

Mr. Johnson - Technology

Mr. Davis - Counseling

Mr. Pedrett - Spanish

Ibu Ridawati - Indonesian Culture

Mr. van Staden - P.E & Health