Annie - School Play Announcement and Practice Schedule

posted Mar 27, 2015, 7:53 PM by

The 2015 Spring Production is Annie and we will be doing our own version of the 1933 original. Students are starting to gather props and design costumes and we can use a little help in both regards.
We are collecting old children’s clothing, never mind if it doesn’t fit your children, it will fit someone! We will be using the old clothes for the ‘orphans’ and ‘hooligans’ so we will rough it up and put a little dirt on it. Any other clothing that might be up-cycled into 1930s costumes is much appreciated, we have a creative group out there and I have no doubt we can make amazing things.
Our 2 main sets are the NCY orphanage/NYC street corner and Daddy Warbucks mansion. If you happen to have just the right thing for one of our sets do let us know. Don’t forget, it’s 1933.
Lisa, Melanie and Ika

Play Practice April 2015