Adult Fitness Assessment @ ISR

posted Sep 6, 2013, 5:12 PM by

Students at ISR have just completed the first of 3 fitness assessments for the 2013-2014 school year. All students will use a program called Daily Fit Log, to enter their data, receive feedback on their present fitness level and then set a personal fitness goal. This fitness goal will be reviewed every Friday, and then re assessed in December. Once they complete their second assessment in December they then alter their goal or if achieved, select a new goal, which will then be monitored and re-assessed in April 2014.

At school we are using a goal setting process to maintain and increase our fitness and wellness levels. With this in mind, I thought that this would be a great year to approach the adult community with the same opportunity.

I have set 4 assessment days for the year, starting with this Saturday (September 7th), from 4pm to 6pm. You have received by email detailed instructions for your participation in this event. Please feel free to bring the family, who can play on the playground as you complete your assessment.

Come out for your Fitness Test

The first of four fitness test days for adults to set goals to increase fitness and wellness levels is tomorrow - Saturday, September 7th any time between 4 & 6 pm.